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Ji'nan black pork transactions two or three yuan per catty sold

Source: Shandong daily 2010-11-01 14:52 said to me ( 0) copy link key words :Black Pork recently, this newspaper received tips readers says ,in the west of Ji segment stores a wholesale market south ,every day at two or three points ,there are a large number of illegal slaughtering pigs from suburban dens of meat in this transaction ,the daily volume in about thirty tons .
&nbsp ;in the Ji stores a wholesale market in southern Black Pork ,&ldquo ;&rdquo ;daily trading volume of around 30 tons in &nbsp ;at 3 pm ,many van full of pork in the market within a trading .
&nbsp ;market ,to take the meat inside the van woman picked up the pork should smell .Recently, this newspaper received tips readers says ,in the west of Ji segment stores a wholesale market south ,every day at two or three points ,there are a large number of illegal slaughtering from suburban dens pork in this transaction ,the daily transaction volume of around thirty tons ,part of raw meat price two or three yuan every jins only ,even lower than the pig buys valence .
It is reported ,the Ji day pork consumption in about 400 tons ,which has regular slaughter procedures amount is about 300 tons ,while the market scale is occupied to the provincial capital of &ldquo ;Black Pork &rdquo ;1/3 of the total .
October 26th morning, reporter on this morning opening dawn powder that is the ghost city pork &ldquo ;&rdquo ;conducted site visits .Lens 1 three a.m. the lights around 3:00 in the early morning ,the reporter is located in a shop at a farmers market ,at this time, the market has several major sections of side meat stalls open ,in the middle of the night lights .
Reporter notes ,meat stalls counter stocked with multiple cut good chunk of pork ,there are few scattered small pieces of pork .At this time, to buy meat customers opening tricycle ,small truck or van, a for a supply of sth.
,buy amount is more also ,most with a large plastic bag containing ,or simply buy a pig .Over time ,more and more business meat stalls ,there are about a dozen homes, and to buy meat customers are more and more vehicles ,heavy traffic ,outlet hogan,at about four o ,and even to market roads to jam .
The reporter was counted roughly ,less than half an hour ,there have been hundreds of tricycle ,small trucks or vans market access ,while grain and vegetable stalls just moving shadows ,so most are heading to the meat ,the pork .
Lens 2 with the meat before smell around 5:00 a.m. ,slightly shiny day ,the market gradually active, in addition to other non-staple food grain ,meat ,fruits and vegetables and other vendors have also gradually opened for business ,the reporter will be parked in a corner of the market .
And in a parking place ,next to a silver white van ,a young woman with apron from nearby booth next to the van ,open the door ,look around ,make sure that no one noticed ,rapidly from the car took three five pieces of meat has been divided into carry a large plastic bag ,then quickly shut the door ,will put into meat stalls .
In half an hour ,young woman has delivered three or four times, sometimes she is a person for some time ,and a man went to .Reporter notes ,polo ralph lauren,including one for meat ,young woman in carefully grope after the meat ,and meat to face hard to smell a few times, and then hesitantly into the hands of the plastic bag .
Reporters on the side also heard ,two people plan the pork retail price at around 8.5 yuan catty .In the distance two stalls, the business is good, from time to time with customers to the Advisory procurement .
Lens 3 pork tenderloin as big as Niu Liji knife rough messy at 5 o it clear ,near section of the wholesale store to prepare the business owners began to rise more .At this time, pork stall noise made but gradually settle down .
Until 6 or so ,morning ,reporters once again came to the interview found several pork stall ,night scenes unpopular transactions have all gone ,replace sb. Is that several selling fried dough sticks ,Rouga Mo breakfast stall and seven or eight households in zero zero separate retail pork stalls .
The reporter took a ring found in meat ,the meat without exception has been divided ,the morning also whole pork has been unable to find .But reporters found the flaw .In the meat ,the meat cut all very rough messy ,and large-scale slaughter plant machine slaughtered meat completely two ,belong to typical manual slaughter .
According to the insiders, many years ago, the Ji slaughter had cancelled the manual mode of operation ,day slaughter of thousands of head following the slaughterhouse has been basically closed .
Obviously ,the reporter saw these manual slaughter and meat is a typical &ldquo ;illicit massacre excessive to kill &rdquo ;.In addition to the rough ,reporters in a booth also found two special thick pork tenderloin ,each with a diameter of about ten centimeters .
The owner told reporters ,in this article the pork tenderloin ten kilograms or so ,selling only 8.5 yuan a catty ,many hotels are from her purchase here .But the reporter in hindsight ,common brand pork fillet in a six or seven kilograms or so ,the price of up to around 13 yuan catty .
Only &ldquo ;bovine tenderloin is so heavy ,not so common pork tenderloin .&rdquo ;the city a regular shop owner told reporters ,twenty kilograms of pork tenderloin probably used a clenbuterol ,&ldquo ;if to eat to the pig on a drug ,it back fat meat will become thin ,tenderloin becomes larger ,the meat is very hazardous to human body .
&rdquo ;as the day grows bright ,near the wholesale market more and more people, a few meat vendors began to busy to the meat on the case for meat .In a retail stalls, owners are busy to meat on the case for new cold meat ,outer packaging bags on the Yurun logo is particularly evident, the meat on the edge are especially neat ,see at a glance is slaughtered meat .
The regular slaughter to over a dozen Road ,to prevent flooding ,live pig late before eight enters the unauthorized slaughtering slaughtering weight the severe impact of Ji &nbsp ;phlebotomy ,hair removal ,to pig ,go splanchnic ,segmentation ,Qing Mao &hellip ;&hellip ;two o ,hog slaughter the pig howling from time to time sliced the silence of the night .
At this time, most of the Ji pig slaughtering plant ,the staff have been standing in line for their respective positions before working together .The reporter understands ,a pig to pig carcass to move toward the market ,and to pass more than 10 process .
The livestock sector quarantine personnel introduces to the reporter ,in the slaughter of live pigs slaughter factory must go through strict entry exit inspection and quarantine ,according to the regulations ,hog wholesale customers in close to the pig abattoirs before ,must have three certificates ,i.
e. exit quarantine certificate ,vehicle disinfection certificates and non epidemic area permit ,inspection qualified can enter the slaughter .It is reported ,in order to prevent the live pig affusion ,enter pig must be in the head one night before 8 of them to the slaughterhouse ,if is the injection of live pigs,air jordan pas cher, after more than 6 hours after the water is discharged .
In Ji a live pig slaughtering enterprise ,slaughter plant has two production lines ,but the two are not always at the same time starting .The responsible person told reporters ,they slaughter the investment of nearly 2000000 yuan ,every day there are 20 individual work ,venue rental every year 70000 multivariate ,only those costs of each pig to contribute 16 yuan, kill a pig slaughtering fees received 20 yuan ,if plus the tax ,utilities and other costs ,almost no money .
At the same time ,because of their strict management ,many pigs wholesale door looking for a small butcher door to .In the past ,the slaughter units per day can kill 100 pigs slaughtered ,now only about 40 .
&ldquo ;unauthorized slaughtering a serious blow to the slaughter business ,also affected the market price and quality of raw .&rdquo ;a person familiar with the matter said ,sentinel pig slaughtering plant slaughter capacity decline among affected by seasons ,the most important reason is that the private slaughtering .
Because the management norms ,slaughter of live pigs slaughtered market prices than the small slaughter households expensive 1-1.5 yuan .According to introduction ,some illegal slaughter households not on the equipment ,the live pigs slaughtered without animal husbandry departments of inspection and quarantine ,several people in their own yard can slaughter business ,reduce costs .
Many hog wholesale customers to obtain greater benefits ,or evade the problem pig inspection ,then choose a small butcher door .Reporter investigation understands ,sent to the illegal slaughter households live pig will generally water ,every pig more than 20 kg, is little more than a burden ,so every pig than fixed field nearly 10% more meat ,to the market because of the price advantage by public favor ,hog wholesale customers,ralph lauren pas cher, of course always enjoy it ,so in the city suburban ,rural market from time to time .
The flow of &ldquo ;black &rdquo ;pork sold in small hotel Ji &nbsp ;Baoliao told reporters ,some stores on the market such as illicit massacre excessive pork from Changqing town of peace .
Peace Village in part ,almost each and every family are stealing illegal slaughter pigs ,and then use the agricultural vehicles into the area of sales .&ldquo ;these pigs of unknown origin ,some are even pigs and mother pig .
&rdquo ;a few years ago, the city industrial and law enforcement officials in Changqing arrested a agricultural car, seized on the spot 1 tons of multiple illegal pork ,except two sow meat outside, the rest are all dead pork ,air jordan,pork and blood stasis was purple, slightly close ,you can smell the stench ,apparently dead pork .
&ldquo ;in recent years ,with prices soared to more than 10 yuan a catty ,many villages rely on illicit massacre chaos and fortune ,some large and even bought a BMW car .&rdquo ;newspaper said .
So many black pork sold in where? According to industry sources ,with the retail market is more and more normative ,gradually become a brand of meat in the world, these private slaughtering of illegal pork main buyers is the hotel industry ,especially the large number of small restaurants and street stalls .
The link illicit massacre chaos slaughtered pork trade hundreds of tons of Ji &nbsp ;for many city ,abercrombie,pork unauthorized slaughtering is always a piece of heart disease .Food safety is related to the people ,the government also continued to strengthen the investigation and punishment .
But due to the illegal slaughter more concealment ,is always difficult to put an end to .Ji pork market several brand manufacturers responsible person confirmed ,the provincial capital at present on the market, without legal procedures &ldquo ;Black Pork every day &rdquo ;about a hundred tons, occupy whole town pork consumption 1/5 .
&ldquo ;with a few years ago it was less than up .&rdquo ;newspaper introduces, before 2000,franklin marshall, illicit massacre excessive pork occupies almost half of the consumption of pork market towns .
Regular free market of agricultural products also sell Black Pork with &ldquo ;&rdquo ;&nbsp according to the Ji ;newspaper disclosed ,in recent years ,along with the industry and commerce, dynamic inspection departments investigate and deal with the strength increase, the provincial capital of unauthorized slaughtering and illness pork market is more and more small ,focused point of sale is also shrunk to about three .
In addition to segment market ,some businesses in downtown Ji in two markets to &ldquo ;Black Pork &rdquo ;doping in legitimate pork mixed sell .&ldquo ;and some stores compared to the market ,not only the transaction volume, the owners were also more horns .
&rdquo ;newspaper disclosed ,where illegal pork ,and at two or three in the morning trading ,but many are doped in legitimate pork steal sell .According to the regulations ,the supply of Ji within the second ring must be slaughtered pork machine .
Subtitle &nbsp ;in the regular slaughter production workshop ,after slaughtering the qualified hog covered the special seal of &nbsp ;supermarket gradually become a major brand of meat in a hotly contested spot for many province city people ,on pork market knowledge is limited to the butcher that frequently face &ldquo ;tag &rdquo ;.
Reporter recently learned ,with the domestic meat products processing industry ,now the provincial capital of pork market has changed ,brand pork has occupied the half of the country ,but also a profound change dweller table .
26 brand eating half the market home city north of Lau usually don much, but will eat dumplings ,now and then ,she would go to the area of the gongs stores to buy pork dumplings .Like Ms Liu eat like this every day ,all the people would eat at least 400 metric tons of pork .
According to industry sources ,each head pig meat 60-80 kg ,dolce gabbana,400 tons implies the need for slaughter 6000 pigs .The Ji data showed net ,at the end of 2009 ,Ji city census register for 6032700 of the total population .
Do the calculation ,the average consumption of 0.06 kilograms of pork per person per day ,equivalent to one two two of the money .&ldquo ;as of November, more and more people fill sausage ,pork consumption will increase ,peak daily consumption can reach nearly 500 tons ,killing nearly 8000 pigs .
The provincial capital of &rdquo ;a pork dealer told the reporters ,winter is the season of consumption of pork ,the price also rises subsequently ,before and after the Spring Festival will reach its peak .
According to the Ji City slaughter of livestock and poultry inspection group data ,at present, the city has gongs ,Shineway ,Lisburn 26 well-known brand enterprises to the economic operation of the slaughter of live pig product ,sales of pig products amounted to 250 tons, occupy the daily consumption of more than 60% .
And in part of the retail market, brand pork won almost all pork sales .Small restaurants to brand meat Qianxihe meat industry Shandong office director Zhang Guoqing to tell a reporter ,at present in the pork market ,retail market consumption proportion is the largest, followed by the hotel procurement .
In the retail market ,brand of meat by means of two kinds of sales ,abercrombie paris,is a self-employed or joining stores ,two is to enter the supermarket shopping malls .&ldquo ;the original retail wholesale model ,the profit rate is lower and lower, is gradually being abandoned by brand butcher .
&rdquo ;Zhang Guoqing said .With more and more large and medium-sized supermarkets ,to the supermarket to buy meat has become many people habits .The supermarket has become a major brand of meat in a hotly contested spot .
Throughout the high streets and back lanes unified Ginza supermarket ,to have been the early bird catches ,taking the raw meat counters .In Ginza ,RT-Mart ,such as Hualian Supermarket, gongs ,Qianxihe ,Shuanghui and other major brands have supply .
&ldquo ;brand meat biggest weakness is the hotel ,especially around the high streets and back lanes of small restaurants ,food stalls .&rdquo ;Zhang Guoqing told the reporters ,the provincial capital at present most Le Grand Large Hotel has used brand of meat ,but many small restaurants ,street food stalls, the price influence ,reluctant to use brand meat ,some will buy illicit massacre chaos pork .
Zhang Guoqing recalled ,air jordan france,in 2009 Ji National Games ,the government strictly catering industry health ,hotels have chosen assured brand meat ,the results that Qianxihe several brand sales rose nearly two into .
Store meat out of open pit reporter ,currently in the 26 largest pork brand ,gongs ,only in the Ji have stores over 1000 ,daily sales estimated at more than 100 tons ,occupy about half of the pork market brand ,is the leading brand .
&ldquo ;but other brand growth is very rapid also, Qianxihe ,Shuanghui and dozens of big brand also is in rapid expansion ,add up to date sales volume is in 100 tons of above .&rdquo ;in addition to other gongs ,single brand although sales volume is relatively small, but growing quickly .
Qianxihe cold meat Shandong office Zhang Guoqing told reporters ,Qianxihe Ji supply has reached 20 tons ,grow very fast .It is understood ,sales volume also is in 10 tons of above as well as Shuanghui ,silver and other brands .
In some farmers markets and community ,brand meat stores have basically won the sale of pork meat ,traditional open or less ,or difficult .In the city north market ,open the flesh has only two stalls ,replace sb.
gongs ,Yurun ,treasure ,Shineway ,Wilco stores .Reporter discovery ,each big brand meat prices were less common ,pork price of more than 10.5 yuan, and open the meat prices are much lower ,two meat pork prices are 8.
5 yuan ,and brand meat compared to low 2 yuan per catty .A booth advocate say ,despite the low price ,but business is more difficult, because there is no rental door head room ,have freezer, pork is stored in the open air for a long time ,it is difficult to keep meat fresh ,the difference between selling a lot of .
Reportedly ,at present pork slaughter tache and the wholesale segment profit more and more thin ,and stores and other retail link gross profit can reach about 10% ,hogan,but also can effectively stabilize sales ,its value is gradually being major brand value, the brand expansion planning .
The warning from the pig to eat meat more regulatory oversight of a ring &ldquo ;black meat &rdquo ;i.e. table Ji reporter in the interview that ,at present in Ji ,from the pig to pork on the table, the process involves many supervision departments ,between departments a clear division of labor ,but the regulatory &ldquo a blank strip ;&rdquo ;but for &ldquo ;Black Pork &rdquo ;left living space .
Specific say ,live pig breeding links in the main supervision unit is the livestock sector ,grown by slaughtering enterprises acquisition ,the business sector to slaughter regulation, slaughter and cutting is completed to the market, mainly by the industrial and commercial sector ,finally from the market to the catering unit ,Department of health to implement supervision ,in addition ,quality supervision food and Drug Administration and other departments have ,according to their respective functions and duties of supervision .
In real life, once a part of the regulation is not in place ,&ldquo ;Black Pork &rdquo ;it is easy on the table .Outside the box :the Yantai subsidized slaughtering enterprises open shops almost can not find the original &ldquo ;&rdquo ;Ji Ji meat of livestock and poultry slaughter inspection team captain was Li Jinwu introduces to the reporter ,Yantai after years of exploration ,in the standard live pig to nod butcher has gradually formed its own mode .
Is the first selected several local large-scale slaughter ,financial subsidies ,so they took the money to the retail leasing market stalls ,while encouraging the meat into the retail market ,foreign brands of rental booth ,this is actually a &ldquo ;field plant linked to the &rdquo .
Yantai Municipal Commerce bureau expresses about the personage ,Yantai from 2003 implementation of the above measures ,until 2007 ,this approach only gradually stopped ,and at this time, Yantai area has nearly invisible previous meat ,replace sb.
Is a brand of meat and stores and other forms of .&ldquo ;thus ,the retail market for each meat stalls can only sell a pork ,air jordan,the meat is either from the local standard slaughtered fixed point ,either from the field of well-known brands .
&rdquo ;Yantai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, these people said ,so in the control of illicit massacre excessive pork ,suppliers will have pressure ,they will never allow their retailers sell black pork ,or break his sign .
In addition ,because can enter retail market rental booth vendors more than, market ,brand in the field of meat franchisee can also be free to choose to join the brand ,therefore ,pork market in standards at the same time nor the formation of monopoly .
Specification for sentinel pigs slaughtered &ldquo ;Yantai model &rdquo ;can you move to Ji ?Ji Livestock and poultry slaughtering inspection team leader Li Jinwu said ,&ldquo ;Yantai model &rdquo ;must be the development direction of Ji ,but in Ji Yantai the actual situation is different ,so we can not copy the .
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introduction]!The snake!"Yesterday at 3 am, a young girl Xiao Yang and the other two sisters next night shift back, back to the Yuzhong District Road No. 12 Building 5 building rental shop.Xiao Yang will hand down, then get ready to receive water to wash basin outside when a scream

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Civic Group Calls for Release of Newspaper Owners

The Free Citizens Alliance of Korea issued a statement Monday titled ��Does the Government Want to Fight Against the People,polo ralph lauren,�� which demanded the release of jailed newspaper owners. The group,dolce gabbana, led by Koryo University Professor Han Seung-jo,air jordan france, said the recently published book written by a Cheong Wa Dae correspondent revealed that the character of the government was ant-democratic and uncivilized. Professor Han noted the words of a senior secretary showed that the government believed it could get away with anything using its power.
FCAK also said that according to the book,outlet hogan, the government forecast that the battle against the Chosun Ilbo and Donga Ilbo would be a fight for the survival of the government,hogan, which could be interpreted as the administration declaring war on the people as the majority of them subscribed to the critical newspapers. It noted that the harsh judgment of the public at recent by-elections was a direct result of the government��s policy.
The organization said the fact that the government promoted the National Tax Service inspectors who led the investigation into the media,abercrombie paris, indicated that it was intent on ignoring the wishes of the people. Even if the administration��s claim that the probe was to deliver ��justice in taxation,franklin marshall,�� was true FCAK said the arrest of newspaper owners,air jordan pas cher, who would not destroy evidence or flee,ralph lauren pas cher, revealed the government��s true intentions.
It called the view of international society on press freedom was reflected by the fact the International Press Institute placed Korea on its Watch List.
(Choi Jae-hyok,air jordan, jhchoi@chosun.com)
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"Press Under Siege."
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introduction]!The snake!"Yesterday at 3 am, a young girl Xiao Yang and the other two sisters next night shift back, back to the Yuzhong District Road No. 12 Building 5 building rental shop.Xiao Yang will hand down, then get ready to receive water to wash basin outside when a scream

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Workers killed relief plan hair base is not less than the minimu

[review] the newspaper news (reporter Luo Qiang) yesterday, the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, City Financial Bureau jointly issued "on the adjustment of enterprise employee death one-off relief gold standard to carry out an opinion",air jordan, enterprise staff due to illness, or because of the accidental death, one-time alms in the Ji Faji number, can not be lower than the local minimum wage standard.
Many paid deductible Dole "executive opinion" said, "workers" contains retirees of the enterprises; and "fatalities" including illness, not because of work accident death."Executive opinion" provisions, before this, city on the funeral expenses,moncler sito ufficiale, one-time alms regulations from October 1st this year to stop the implementation of the relevant provisions, the past and the executive opinion inconsistent, with this executive opinion.
Worker fatalities after not be reported in a timely manner, receive a salary or pension,ralph lauren pas cher, available for the deductible one-time alms.Relief cardinal number is below the minimum wage by "executive opinion" provisions, in accordance with the provisions of inductrial injury retirees fatalities,moncler, as well as 1 - 4 level of disabled workers shutdown leaves firewood period after the death, in accordance with the city's annual social average wage by 6 months of standard,hogan, grant mortuary grant-in-aid.
At the same time, one-time alms to the deceased last month pension or allowance of disability 15 months of standard of plan hair. "executive opinion" is also provided, in the one-off relief plan,ralph lauren, the plan hair base,polo ralph lauren, according to the deceased last month's wages,air jordan france, can also according to the deceased 12 months average wage calculation.
But the one-off relief plan hair base, the minimum can not be lower than the local minimum wage standard,abercrombie, highest do not exceed the annual social average wages 300%."Executive opinion" provisions, on secondments, serving not sever labor relations staff,air jordan pas cher, seven categories of staff fatalities,air jordan, its funeral expenses and disposable relief payments, will depending on the specific circumstances of.
public today sign "Chongqing municipal labor and social security bureau" website (www.cqldbz.gov.cn) to understand.(Editor:) Disclaimer: This article represents author individual viewpoint, and the window of Chongqing.
As well as its original text presentation and content of the text without the site confirmed, to this article as well as all or part of the contents of the text, pictures of the authenticity, integrity, timeliness of this station does not make any guarantee or promise,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the reader is only for reference, and please to verify the content.
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introduction]!The snake!"Yesterday at 3 am, a young girl Xiao Yang and the other two sisters next night shift back, back to the Yuzhong District Road No. 12 Building 5 building rental shop.Xiao Yang will hand down, then get ready to receive water to wash basin outside when a scream

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The history of the cattle search advertising up to the three flo

[review] the newspaper news (reporter Liu Hu photo coverage) a huge posters used to attract public attention in Wanzhou -- it is hung in a building above,air jordan france, is very eye-catching,ralph lauren, plus million mystery reward, called "the history of the cattle tracing notices".
Paradoxically, this advertisement in the suspension for two days last night was taken down.The mysterious huge outdoor advertising search "Tan x, male,outlet hogan, 31 years old, height 178 cm, the ID card number.
....., disappeared in September 25th this year, has since been one's whereabouts is a mystery.If a person, please contact us,abercrombie, find Tan x I reward 10000 yuan."Yesterday morning, reporters in Wanzhou city center Gaosun Tang next to a building on the saw, a 7 meters high, 10 meters wide, a total area of 70 square meters advertising brand established in the building of the central, occupy the floor of the fourth layer to the sixth layer.
Pass by the citizens full of curiosity: "such a large billboard looking for someone?" contact advertising advertising company Pearl, informed of the advertisement is to a Mr. Li's request, in 24 days of evening hang-out,air jordan, predetermined release period is 1 months.
Industrial and commercial bureau said the notice of missing person approval is not required, so the company just released this "may be the country's largest search advertising".The missing person is wanted by the police in the Lee why to look for Tan Mou?Reporter according to billboard on contact to find mr.
.Li said, their company plant was employed in Wanzhou developers Tan Mou with dozens of illegal demolitions, Tan Mou of arrest, since September has been on the run, "I do a search, the purpose is to let people informed, can help the police to catch them.
" Wanzhou police told reporters that Mr. Lee.Tan et al in May 23rd to give Wanzhou District hung cloud real estate development company relocation as, will Wanzhou China red glass company in the office equipment, production equipment and other damage, the loss amounts to 100 yuan, Tan Mou is suspected of committing "intentional damage public or private property crime", being cyber pursuit.
This kind of advertising is the allegedly infringing yesterday evening, reporters suddenly received a report: the advertising companies are expected to take this huge posters.Journalists arrived on the scene,ralph lauren pas cher, see as workers in the demolition of advertising.
The reason is urban and industrial and Commercial Bureau called "bad influence". therefore,polo ralph lauren, Academy of Social Sciences Institute of law,moncler, the rectangular to think, this kind of advertising is only a single search notices, not slander, attack, hurt others, does not belong to the legal restrictions on the scope of legal existence,polo ralph lauren pas cher, should.
(Editor: anon) Disclaimer: This article represents author individual viewpoint, and the window of Chongqing.As well as its original text presentation and content of the text without the site confirmed,abercrombie and fitch, to this article as well as all or part of the contents of the text, pictures of the authenticity,air jordan pas cher, integrity, timeliness of this station does not make any guarantee or promise, the reader is only for reference,hogan, and please to verify the content.
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introduction]!The snake!"Yesterday at 3 am, a young girl Xiao Yang and the other two sisters next night shift back, back to the Yuzhong District Road No. 12 Building 5 building rental shop.Xiao Yang will hand down, then get ready to receive water to wash basin outside when a scream

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Shaanxi spring up students in compulsory education in rural area

[review] Xinhua Xi'an November 21 report (reporter Ren Ke,outlet hogan, Yang Yimiao) reporter recently learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Office of education,air jordan pas cher, Shaanxi province will from next spring begins to implement new a waste management policy -- free compulsory education in rural textbook fee.
is cogent the Huimin policy falls to real point,abercrombie, Shaanxi Province Department of education requirements,polo ralph lauren pas cher, each district should stop immediately to the students receive in the spring of 2008 textbook fee.
In the spring of 2008 textbook fee has been received in advance of rural primary and secondary schools to advance payment immediately all returned students. according to the introduction,moncler sito ufficiale, in 2006 the Shaanxi province all levels of finance fund 2182000000 yuan,ralph lauren, from the rural compulsory education stage more than 2 schools 5130000 students tuition and fees,polo ralph lauren, on 1580000 rural compulsory education poor students provide free textbooks, on 554700 rural poverty boarder grant living allowances.
According to the plan at the beginning of 2007, 4900000 rural primary and middle school students free of tuition and fees for the 1580000 rural poor families,air jordan, provide free textbooks to students.New free compulsory education in rural books for this policy was officially implemented, except that part of rural boarding school students receive appropriate living expenses, Shaanxi province rural compulsory education students the basic no longer pay.
(end) (Editor: anon) Disclaimer: This article represents author individual viewpoint, and the window of Chongqing.As well as its original text presentation and content of the text without the site confirmed, to this article as well as all or part of the contents of the text,air jordan, pictures of the authenticity,hogan, integrity,abercrombie and fitch, timeliness of this station does not make any guarantee or promise, the reader is only for reference,ralph lauren pas cher, and please to verify the content.
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introduction]!The snake!"Yesterday at 3 am, a young girl Xiao Yang and the other two sisters next night shift back, back to the Yuzhong District Road No. 12 Building 5 building rental shop.Xiao Yang will hand down, then get ready to receive water to wash basin outside when a scream

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